Sale and manufacturing of hyperreality attractions

About Company

History of the company began in 2013 when the company became a resident of the business incubator of Technopark Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.

Игорь Mendzebrovsky Igor, CEO

The first realized project was the single-channel projection system FDRM AllInOne, which allows you to protect fulldome content did planetarium accessible than ever.

All in One

Later we have developed multi-channel fulldome projection systems are able to stitch up to 36 projectors, creating a unique media space. The success was confirmed by the demand - we have already sold more than 40 systems.

Купол In 2013, our company has become a finalist “GenerationS" - the largest accelerator technology projects

The next step was the development of a global project to develop a hyperreality attraction - AT360.

By this decision the company has come based on its expertise in the production of professional simulators and demand confirm the first orders.

AT360 Vladimir Hripunov, test pilot,
personally experienced AT360 platform

One of the developments made by the investment fund investors from Liechtenstein.

When you create a secure and high-quality attraction hyperreality necessary technological infrastructure for maintenance, development and production.

Laser The process of making the inside of the shell plating
Batrak Planning for units and parts

The development of the design attraction, control systems, safety systems and game content it took 1.5 years. That has allowed in 2016 to go with him into series production with two assembly facilities in Russia and the United States.


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