Sale and manufacturing of hyperreality attractions

Attraction "Virtual Aquarium"

Aquarium is a conditionally interactive attraction. It implements the following technologies:

  • 4 huge interactive glass screen rear projection and domed screen
  • In front of one of the screens is a dynamic platform to enhance the effect of presence (it is planned that the "object behind glass" will be fighting on screen, and it will trigger a dynamic platform)
  • The capacity of the complex 2500 people / day

This decision can be seen in the Poland.
We offer a similar project two times cheaper.

Multiple content options available:
  • Dinosaurs
  • Microcosm
  • Undersea world
  • World of birds

Dynamic simulator “Helicopter"

It is important to train pilots in conditions as close to real. That is why we have created an attraction which allows pilots to train quickly and efficiently.

Dynamic simulators for drivers

We have developed a simulator that gives real feel truck driving, as well as models various driving situations (bad weather conditions, poor road restrictions in place).

The reliability of sensations we have achieved through the installation of "Kamaz" cabin a dynamic platform to spherical screen (screen type «cave»).

Through this approach, experts quickly trained to give the necessary driving skills, simulate various extreme road situation without harming the equipment.

The decision was designed for the car park in Moscow.

Excursion stand "Polar station”

Recreating a polar station on the basis of the university.

In this solution, used screen rear-projection, which significantly transmit internal filling stations, as well as reproduce "view outside the window."

In his spare time practices, this design can be used as an art object, showing its visitors.

The project was developed at the request of the Novosibirsk National Research State University.


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