An interview with CEO, Igor Mendzebrovskiy, has been published by the tech and innovation website, Evolvera.
In the article, he takes a deep dive into the history and journey of the AT360 that continues to reach new milestones in development.
How the AT360 started spinning - this is a story of astronauts, virtual reality and Star Wars.
How the AT360 started spinning
An interview with our CEO
The pandemic is far from over...
• Deaths have increased by 3% to 76 000.
• The number now stands at 83 million cumulative cases and 1.8 million deaths globally since the outbreak of the pandemic.
• Different variants of SARS-CoV2 have raised concerns impact of viral changes.
• The initial UK-found VOC-202012/01 has now been detected, in small doses, in over 40 other countries (five of the six WHO regions).
• The 501Y.V2 variant initially detected in South Africa has now been found in six other countries/territories/areas.
•The United States had the highest new weekly case counts in the Americas: 1 325 424 new cases.
What you should know regarding the latest WHO update about Covid-19 (3
January Update):