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Papillon: what’s new?

Over the past week we have been actively working on our project. It is important that the bed is not only finished, but also that it adheres to all medical norms and standards. For this we have been actively cooperating with medical experts and doctors.

Recently another anesthesiologist joined our team, Vyacheslav Andreenkov. He is making tremendous contributions to the development of the Papillon project. The work of a team of specialists allows you to look at the project from different angles, and find mistakes and fix them in time.

Vyacheslav is a versatile person. In addition to professional interests in the fields of intensive car, pharmacology, chemistry, and surgery, he is also interested in programming and application development. We are very glad to see such highly developed professionals on our team, who are always trying to improve their knowledge.

Welcome to our team! Together we will make one of the best medical devices in the medical sphere!