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EnterIdeas news

We are so glad to see you!

As we are actively preparing for one of the most important events of this year, the IAAPA 2021 exhibition, our colleagues, Igor Mendzebrovskiy and Dennis Voronin, are visiting other, no less significant, events in the entertainment market. One of these events is an exhibition in Las Vegas: Amusement Expo International.

As we wrote earlier, they are holding scheduled business meetings with partners and clients, providing answers to all the interesting questions about the AT360 attraction, talking with professionals about their work, and simply having a great time! It was a long year of silence and online meetings, which ended with such an amazing event where we all, finally, have the opportunity to meet in person and share with each other the knowledge and experience accumulated over this past period!

We are very glad to be back offline and ready for the next events. In the upcoming days you can meet with us in LA. For questions, write in the comments or send an email: voronin@enterideas.com