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Changing the world for the better is a very popular trend in recent years. Every company that introduces a new product to the market tries to emphasize the importance and need for it to make this change happen.

What if there are several of these products and they all belong to completely different markets?

At EnterIdeas LLC, we have unique competencies that allow us to develop and produce three products at once that affect people's lives in one way or another.

The Papillon robotic bed allows us to rehabilitate people affected by COVID-19 as efficiently as possible due to a modular system, eight different positions, and the ability to turn patients over with minimal staff involvement.

The HealthVision hardware and software complex helps you identify employees with an elevated temperature and protects colleagues from contracting viral infections. The parameters for detecting weapons and people's emotions create reliable store perimeter security and for determining the quality of your product area design.

Last but not least, our AT360 VR attraction uses cutting-edge technology, opening up new possibilities for using virtual reality and, most importantly, gives people joy.

Regardless of the fact that our projects are quite different, they are all pushing the frontier of technology and bring special value to this world.

We are proud innovators bringing new ideas to different industries (hence the name) and we aspire to set the tone for the movement of entire markets to the benefit of our customers.