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EnterIdeas news

Let's share our impressions of the workshops with Bob Cooney!

We had our final workshop group session with Bob Cooney, where we discussed our positioning in the market in more detail, analyzed specific competitors in this niche, and identified potential clients with whom we can already start cooperation. It was very valuable and helpful. Thanks, Bob!

In fact, every meeting with Bob is a brainstorming session for the entire team, and a search for new possibilities for our attraction, the market, competitors, and so on. He made us doubt our decisions, but at the same time supported our ideas! He showed how the Entertainment and VR markets work in the US. Do we recommend a workshop with Bob? Of course not! Then you would become our competitors! Haha  (we are kidding, of course)

Again, we want to say thank you from the whole team. Carrying on, we will have single sessions, within which we will move step-by-step towards our ultimate goal.