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The development of the HealthVision project

The development of a project is often a long journey filled with difficulties and pitfalls. On the journey to creating HealthVision in 2020, we encountered a lot of problems that we gradually overcame. Choosing the optimal device architecture, optimizing the code, hardware selection, testing, lively discussions, and debates are just a small part of the work process the team went through. Working on this project every day are engineers and developers, managers and marketing specialists, medical experts and PHDs, each of them is putting into the project not only their experience and knowledge, but also every fibre of their being.

The project, originating in Novosibirsk with the aim of alerting about illnesses in the workplace, has gradually transformed and undergone changes. The “coronavirus” and “post coronavirus” periods also affected the development; on the one hand they caused serious delays, and on the other they paved the way for new ideas. After 3 development cycle changes and coming up with new premises, we step-by-step came to understand the optimal layout and capabilities of the software package. This also gave a unique know-how for future work.

The long journey of formation and development of this project, from hypothesis to a working model, has successfully passed the pilot stage. Currently, the team of engineers and developers are preparing to install pilot models at one of the most significant events for the company. Every day, our employees hone and recheck every detail of the device, in order to make sure the installation of the pilot devices is successful. The piloting stage is a very important one for the success of the project, and participation in this event is motivating the team to work even harder and smoother.

Later on, we will tell you how this event went. Follow for updates