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What is missing in the hospital bed market?

The American Hospital Association has found that there are over 919,000 hospital beds in the US today with roughly 100,000 of them being ICU beds of some type. According to IBIS World, the hospital bed manufacturing market in the US is estimated to be worth $2.8bn and growing.

These beds are vitally important to the healthcare system in the country as a whole and a number of close to a million beds suggests that the market is massive and expansive.

However, what we propose is more than just an ordinary hospital bed - far from it.

After our exploration into the hospital bed market, we have found that there is a gap: a robotized bed that can rotate, move, and exercise patients easily and safely. Our Papillon medical bed is there to fill it. Follow along as a we develop this revolutionary medical bed that has the potential to save lives in your area soon.

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