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Papillon attracted €260k foreign investment

We would like to share with you the news that our Papillon project has received investment!

The company Papillon, a developer of medical equipment, has successfully attracted an investment from European Holding in the amount of €260,000. The allotted investment will help in completing the development stage and the release of the first installment of the equipment.

The robotized medical bed Papillon is intended to be used for positional therapy in the care of bedridden patients and their transport. This bed allows for the replacement of 3 types of beds (rotational, functional, and rehabilitative), lowers the strain on medical personal, and reduces the risk of pulmonary complications in patients.

Analysis of the medical bed market revealed a gap in the market in the form of automated beds with a flip function that can easily, and safely, change the position of a patient’s body with a single button on a remote control. The design includes a kinematic diagram of 10 moving sections, which allow for the implementation of all existing functional movements of a patient.

The product has already received high praise from the medical associations of both the Western and Russian markets. Design development, as well as the engineering work for the project, is being carried out by the company Porto Mecanica. The many years of experience and highly qualified specialists of the engineering company Porto Mecanica, in addition to the investment attracted from European Holding, allow for the completion of the development, and release onto the market, of the first batch of Papillon beds in the beginning of 2022.

You can familiarize yourself with the Russian version of the article by following the link:

Russian article