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HTC VIVE Focus 3: a new reality for business

Recently we were lucky enough to get a new VR helmet from HTC VIVE, the VIVE Focus 3, for a couple of days. We are glad to share our impressions.
To begin, HTC itself positions them as VR glasses for business. In our case, testing of the VR glasses took place with content for our AT360 attraction.
First off, it is worth noting the design. In comparison to previous models, the VIVE Focus 3 greatly benefits from its looks. The design is quite minimalistic, but at the same time in the “spirit” of cyberpunk (fun face considering they are for business).
Well on a positive note, the magnetic pads which provide comfort and hygiene for all users of the same glasses. This is very important for business, when many people are using one attraction.
What is our conclusion? The glasses are really good for business and learning. We are very grateful for the opportunities to test them, and to understand the full capabilities of the VIVE Focus 3 when integrated with the AT360.