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VR market and VR Headset

We've been reading a number of comments from our partners lately about the future of Family Entertainment Centers (FEC's). They share our belief that almost all FEC's will have a dedicated area purely to virtual reality experiences - not only open spaces with traditional VR headsets but with centerpiece attractions like the AT360.

The VR market as a whole is expected to reach USD 57.55 billion by 2027 (Fortune BI) and a lot of this value will be present precisely in these FEC's as VR starts being increasingly adopted.

However, as VR reaches the mainstream, the industry needs to stay one step ahead at all times. As human beings, we are always looking for something bigger and better and that is why FEC's have been reaching out to us about our AT360 and the value that it can bring to their park or venue.

We bring the "WOW factor" and it's our mission to always look for ways to take VR to the next level.

Take the first step with our AT360 and we'll take it from there.