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EnterIdeas news

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From a robotized hospital bed to a smart camera system to VR attraction that spins 360 degrees across 3 axes, we at EnterIdeas LLC are revolutionizing the worlds of healthtech and virtual reality.

Our team loves what they do, and they’re very good at it. Every day they come to the office excited to work on our AT360, HealthVision camera system, or Papillon medical bed. This excitement translates to excellence in their projects.

We are passionate about what we do and are proud of the products that we make. We are constantly pushing the envelope and looking for the next big idea.

For example, with the help of our engineering company, Porto Mecanica, we can help implement your idea and bring it to the US market. We are ready to analyze the product and prepare a feasibility study for the project, as well as conduct a technical audit and prepare design documentation. With us, your project can go from the idea stage to the market entry stage at an industrial scale in compliance with the standards in place in the USA.

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