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EnterIdeas news

Strong northern team

EnterIdeas LLC is about the people. Strong. Determined. Ambitious. It’s a big family where each coworker has their own uniqueness. Their own value.

The group of companies, EnterIdeas, originates from Novosibirsk, the very centre of Siberia. Siberia is a special region on the map of Russia, where a strong people live, which inspires admiration from each of the inhabitants of other cities. Even in other countries, Russia is always personified by Siberia, a cold region with a harsh climate. It’s a place of serious trials and transformation for any person. This is where the formation of personality takes place. This is where the hardening of character takes place. A northern character.

We are proud that we are from Siberia. After all, each of us has a part of this northern character which forms an absolutely unique team. Even now, located in completely different corners of the globe, we feel a belonging to it. We employ the best specialists who began with us in Akademgorodok of Novosibirsk. However, we are always glad to greet new employees to our team from the cities of Siberia or the North, no matter if you are from Canada or Scandinavia. We have such employees and we will proudly tell you about them soon.

Siberia is the place where the company was born. We feel a connection to it. And we are always happy to help Siberian startups, to share our experience, to introduce products into the US market, or to invest in new projects.

P.S. Not all members of our team are presented in the video, but we will make sure to tell you about them in the next post.