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Our Medical bed

Our Papillon medical bed is designed to make it easy for healthcare professionals to perform continuous lateral rotation therapy (CLRT) on patients, especially those on ventilators. CLRT has been shown to cut the risk of hospital acquired pneumonia (HAP) in half.

Papillon makes it easy to move immobile patients with the click of a button, and has 8 different possible positions including Trendelenburg, anti-Trendelenburg, and Fowler. It can also have the patient perform a “bicycle” movement to stimulate the leg muscles. It is CLRT in bed form.

We are now beginning to explore how to get Papillon onto the markets in the US and India. The US healthcare market is huge, spending more per capita on healthcare than any other

country. India’s healthcare market is smaller, but they have recently doubled their public healthcare spending in their budget for 2021.

The hospital bed market may not be the first market that comes to your mind, but it is nonetheless an important and ever growing one.