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Safety belt or bar?

Which, in your opinion, is safer? What about more comfortable?

Everyday our engineers work on solving various technological questions, and the safety aspect of our attraction is one of them. We have seriously thought about this question.

We had a choice: a five-point seat belt or a bar. This affects not only the safety of the attraction, but also the comfort for the passenger during boarding and flight. Given that not only the user’s experience, but also the income of the #entertainment centers and the involvement of the operator are affected by the time the user spends embarking and disembarking, the objective was to implement the most functional solution for all involved.

After analyzing the market and weighing the pros and cons, we came to the conclusion that there is nothing stopping us from using both options! Using both the safety bar and belt will maximize the safety of the user in the chair during the active movements of the attraction. You’ll be able to see for yourself in October!

For us both comfort and safety are very important. Also important to us is the opinion of experts. What would you choose?