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Participation in Siberian Venture Fair

Last week in Novosibirsk a landmark exhibition, the Siberian Venture Fair, took place. Last year we took part in this event, and this year Porto Mecanica LLC acted as an expert and a member of the competition committee. At the beginning of the event, CEO of EnterIdeas LLC and shareholder of Porto Mecanica, Igor Mendzebrovskiy, gave a lecture on how to enter a foreign market as a startup and talked about how much it could cost the founder.

“When we first entered the American market with a multifunctional medical bed, we first looked at the needs of hundreds of hospitals and medical centers. From there we the pained areas. We then formed an internal communications department, in which native representatives of our markets worked. They called over 1000 institutions, from here 6% came to us as clients” shared Igor Mendzebrovskiy.
He also talked about how a group of companies cooperates with industry associations, and what sort of competitive advantage can be gained from this. “Yes, it cost us from $1,500 a year for each association, but the benefits from the community more than repay the costs” Igor notes.
During Igor’s speech, many startups were writing down his advice, and as a result, we received many positive reviews!
The event ended with the awarding of fair participants. Porto Mecanica itself selected 2 companies to receive a prize of a certificate for comprehensive services. As we have said before, we love helping startups from Novosibirsk, and this is an excellent chance for the winning companies to enter a new market: the US market! The winners were very happy. And we will soon be helping them in the implementation of their projects!