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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible" - Walt Disney

At EnterIdeas LLC, we're always looking for the next big opportunity, in any shape or form. The Disney Accelerator program is one such venture and has been set up for tech start-ups to get a boost. The program was widely talked about before the pandemic and received mainstream attention. Well, Disney, have you heard about the AT360?

The accelerator made available by The Walt Disney Company is an excellent opportunity for a company like ours, which builds and develops unique projects like the AT360, HealthVision, and Papillon.

We are certain that the AT360 would be particularly interesting for a company that wants to do the impossible. Imagine piloting a virtual T.I.E. Fighter or X-Wing, where you can fully move with the ship and physically experience spinning 360 degrees, going upside down, weaving and dodging lasers being shot by your friends in other AT360s.

Disney amusement parks are already the most popular in the world, so why not add the next level of VR entertainment to them?