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EnterIdeas news

The IAAPA Expo 2021 was unforgettable!

Despite the many difficulties we had to face in the first days, we continued to act according to our plan. We are so glad that we weren’t afraid, took a chance, and showed everyone our attraction, the AT360!

We saw a lot of interest in both the current version of the AT360 V-Racer and the next version, AT360 DogeCoaster. Twitter still continues to talk about DogeCoaster, search by using the hashtag #DogeCoaster 🙂

The team stayed positive through it all. We even had the opportunity to give several interviews to different media outlets. The press conference fueled even more interest in our attraction.
It’s impossible to not include the huge role Bob Cooney played for us. Bob, thank you for your help! We believe that the AT360 has so much potential and that it will be an unforgettable experience for all riders!

Soon we’re going to release statistics that we have compiled from our smart camera HealthVision. Keep informed and follow us on our journey! This is just the start. It’s only going to get more interesting from here!