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Growth of the Entertainment market

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a down year for most world industries in 2020, but the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) and amusement park industries are expected to recover and grow exponentially. The APGMR anticipates the market to reach $89.17bn by 2025, and a large part of this recovery is expected to be thanks to increased use of virtual and augmented reality providing visitors with experiences they have never had before.

In conjunction with the growth of the entertainment market, the VR market is growing too, projected to reach $57.55bn (Fortune BI) by 2027. As the entertainment industry grows, and begins to integrate new technologies, so does VR alongside it.

This is also true for the expectations for VR devices. The public now expects better graphics, more variance, and more thrilling and immersive experiences than ever before. This is where the AT360 comes in.

Rotating 360 degrees on all 3 axes, the AT360 truly provides a one-of-a-kind experience. The AT360’s 6 levels of safety ensure that even the most timid rider feels safe, secure, and comfortable while having the time of their life. With its presence at your FEC, you will remain at the forefront of contemporary developments in VR applications.

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