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A:Start - sharing our impressions!

Today we spoke in Novosibirsk as experts at the A:Start business accelerator. This is an accelerator program for launching innovative startups in the fields of IT, instrumentation, medicine and others.

Our CEO of EnterIdeas, Igor Mendzebrovskiy, spoke personally about a startup's entrance into the American market. In his speech he made it clear to all the listeners that a startup is not a toy and that every new market entry involves a lot of work - from understanding the product and its pipeline to finding investors for financing and launching mass production.

CCO of EnterIdeas, Mike Busygin spoke about the differences in mentality and behavioral patterns of American and Russian consumers, illustrating his speech with bright examples.

AT360 Project Manager Dennis Voronin spoke about the need for CustDev with potential clients and testing hypotheses before entering a foreign market.

We think that all speeches were productive: aspiring startups will be able to use this knowledge and try to build a competent strategy to successfully enter not only the Russian market, but the US market, as well!

Thanks, Novosibirsk!