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Health and safety your employees

To what extent do you value the health and safety of your employees and customers?

As further reports about novel Coronavirus strains and mutations continue to dominate the headlines, it has become clear that while vaccines may stabilize the general situation surrounding Covid-19, they will not change the minds of people that would rather be safe than sorry.

Recently, Bloomberg LP reported that the most mutated Covid-19 variant yet has been found in Tanzania travelers linked to Angola. If the Coronavirus persists, which is highly likely, then solutions are required to continuously monitor the condition of people. This is why HealthVision continues to be essential to venues around the world.

By choosing manual variants to keep the pandemic in check, for example hand-held, ineffective thermal monitors, the costs pile up, and you simultaneously risk the safety of employees that have to be in close contact with potentially infected customers.

Leave this process to us. The price of ignoring this problem is, potentially, human lives.