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EnterIdeas news

Let’s welcome our newest team member!

Our staff has grown significantly over the past week. We have a new engineer, a new assistant manager, and a new designer. Our team is growing along with the tasks and responsibilities.

We are happy to show you one of the new members of our team, Konstantin. He is fulfilling the role of pre-production engineer. His responsibilities include controlling the provision of production with components, materials, and tools, as well as preparing all the necessary documents.

Our company’s projects, AT360, HealthVision, and Papillon, are now being prepared for mass production and the release of the first batches. This requires a clear process and detailed monitoring of the implementation of all of the norms and rules of manufacturing
We are glad to see Konstantin on our team, and hope for a successful and prompt joint-cooperation on all of the tasks facing us before entering the first batches onto the market.