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HealthVision and AI

Last month, the EU revealed proposals to ban what they call “unacceptable use” of AI technology. One of the more heavily scrutinized aspects of AI is facial recognition, which is considered a “high-risk” technology. Use of facial recognition in public for law enforcement, with few exceptions, would be largely forbidden.

We now face the challenge of creating a technologically advanced product that is useful, meets the market, and would conform to EU restrictions. We have come up with a cost efficient, safe, and innovative product: HealthVision.

HealthVision is a hardware and software complex with a LIDAR system and will eventually have over 25 parameters of detection including: use of PPE, the number of people in an area and the distance between people. We have already begun to analyze market trends, receive feedback from our customers, and to think about our sales policy.

We want to receive as many points of view as possible and so we would like to ask YOU what you think about our HealthVision system in the comments below.