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Did you know? A clinician is not allowed to lift more than 35 pounds at a time, according to Federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) regulations in the United States. This is primarily due to the risk of injury that occurs when lifting a heavier weight. However, even at this limit, prolonged sessions of lifting can cause excessive stress and back strain among medical staff.

Are these regulations enough? Simply put: no.

In line with current regulations, six or seven people are required to simply move a patient laterally. Not only does this reduce efficiency, but it also takes time. On average, it takes more than 20 minutes for smaller and medium-sized hospitals to gather enough staff for the lift.

What is the solution to this clear case of inefficiency? Our robotized medical bed, Papillon, does not only conduct lateral lifts of patients, but allows for the safe and automatic change of position to everything from Trendelenburg to Fowler’s position.

We free up time, space and money for your medical professionals to concentrate on other critical aspects of patient care in ICU, elderly homes and hospitals.

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