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EnterIdeas news

With love about EnterIdeas LLC

We are continuing Propell’s ideas and want to tell you more about our company.

Below is a message from the CEO of EnterIdeas LLC, Igor Mendzebrovskiy

It has been 8 years since my business started, and today EnterIdeas LLC is 4 independent projects where the most talented people from all over the world work.

PortoMecanica is an engineering company that creates every project of EnterIdeas LLC from scratch, starting with the analysis of the project, its drawings, and ending with a fully packaged product ready to go to market. The company helps startups and small businesses implement projects in order to reduce their time and costs on the path to creating an MVP

HealthVision is one of the most ambitious companies, where the best IT professionals work daily on AI solutions. This project began in 2020 as part of the “health office” concept, and today it is a large-scale project in the pipeline of which there are over 25 parameters for assessing health, safety, and tools for marketing research.

Papillon is one of the youngest companies, but it is no less ambitious. Here a talented team works to create a socially significant project, that will help ease the rehabilitation path of many people. I really believe in this project.

AT360 is the companies longest running project, the idea of which was born from watching the movie “Star Wars” and the desire to “reach for the starts”. Over time the AT360 project has undergone changes, and it is now the best compact roller coast in the entertainment and VR industry.

We are developing our own ecosystem, the EnterIdeas Group. Over time, this ecosystem will include other projects. We already mentioned one of them earlier, this being Immersive. We plan to further develop all of our projects, implement ideas and unique solutions, and build our business in the US market. I am extremely glad to see how each of the projects grow and intertwine with each other. Yes, for some it may not be obvious. But, for example, the HealthVision project can be part of two other projects, Papillon and AT360. We are really creating our own blue ocean

I am very proud of my team. I have been working with some of them since the Novosibirsk days. Today we sit with them in our spacious new office in Jacksonville, developing the next steps in the company’s development strategy.

The entire EnterIdeas LLC team is made of creative, ambitious, and versatile individuals. I am delighted to work with them and see them continue to grow as the company develops. EnterIdeas LLC is, first and foremost, about the people. Strong and brave. Northern and hardened. And there are still many interesting projects and solutions ahead of us that will allow other companies to reach a new level.