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Let’s talk a little about VR advertising?

At the moment, the VR market is growing every year, and the scope of application is constantly expanding. For example, Facebook started using the Oculus VR Headset to show ads based on the users’ interests, which will provide developers new sources of income.

We at EnterIdeas LLC have been working on a similar idea for a while: the integration of advertisements and VR headsets. However, we now understand that the introduction of intrusive advertising into VR on our attraction could serve as a negative experience in the customer journey of visitors to the attraction and the park as a whole. Facebook’s decision is an excellent example that illustrates the lack of positive emotions from users of VR headsets.

In our developments and ideas, we always try to satisfy our clients and do everything possible to ensure that, after interacting with our attraction, they are left with only the most positive emotions. This is exactly why it is so important to us to know your opinions on advertisements in VR.

Your opinion is important to us.