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HP Reverb G2: new future with AT360

We are glad to let you know that we have decided on a VR headset for our attraction!
We carried out a detailed assessment of different VR headsets: Oculus, HTC, and HP. Each of them had their own pluses and minuses, especially for use in business.

But we have found the most optimal VR headset to make your immersion into a virtual world as comfortable as possible! It’s the HP Reverb G2 – developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, our breakthrough VR headset delivers a more immersive, comfortable, and compatible experience.

Let’s mention the main advantages:
1) Excellent image quality thanks to its high resolution (1440x1600 per eye) and clear, large lenses
2) Convenient adjustment of the interpupillary distance, which allows you to adjust the width of the lenses without even taking off the VR headset
3) Fast connection to the computer through the WMR system and excellent interaction with our content.
4) Minimalism in everything: in design, in the number of buttons for the user. The user cannot accidentally disable the game, which is quite an advantage in our case
5) Non-contact speakers! Excellent sound quality and noise cancellation system with speakers located 10mm from the ears!

Overall, in our opinion there are a lot of advantages! In addition to all of this, the HP Reverb G2 integrates perfectly into our content and allows you to adapt the game through a number of settings.

Your comfort is very important to us, and we want that your travels through a virtual world with the AT360 are as exciting and realistic as possible!